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Using HBPL printers in Linux

This is a Linux driver I wrote for printers that use Host Based Printer Language version 1. You cannot use these printers in Linux without my driver. Known HBPLv1 printer models are:

There's also an HBPLv2, already supported in Linux, which compresses image data more efficiently. Less expensive printers tend to avoid version 2, either because it requires more processing power, or because it uses patented technology.

This list may be incomplete. If the self-test page says "HBPL" but the printer won't work with Linux, it's probably version 1. To use an HBPLv1 printer, either download this modified foo2zjs package or apply this patch to the offical foo2zjs release.

The essential commands are:

Images to print should be 5100x6600 pixels for US Letter paper or 4961x7016 pixels for A4 paper. Resolution is always 600x600 dpi. Stay at least 50 pixels (2mm) away from the edges to avoid clipping.

Printing HBPL files is easy -- either "cat" them to the printer device (/dev/usb/lp0 in my case), or use the "lpr" command.